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'To Declare' at Helsinki Design Week

DIY Geiger Counter by Yuri Suzuki

DIY Geiger Counter by Yuri Suzuki
Shower Timer by David Weatherhead

Shower Timer by David Weatherhead
Barrell seat by Harry Thaler

Barrell seat by Harry Thaler

7 September 2011
by Ellie Smith

One of the key exhibitions at this year’s Helsinki Design Week will take place in the Old Customs Warehouse, an inspiring remnant of ‘untouched’ Helsinki at the turn of the century. The original brick walls and arched windows will provide a backdrop for an exhibition of design objects that seek ‘to declare’ a social or political message. Curated by Kaj Kalin, a leading Finnish design critic, journalist and curator, the exhibition and Pop-Up shop promises to be one of the highlights of the festival bringing together eclectic pieces from across the international design circuit.


The British Council is pleased to be able to support the exhibition through the inclusion of select pieces from Federal Office’s recent exhibition Political Objects. The exhibition showcased during the Clerkenwell Design Week and captured a sense of how young designers are responding to the current social climate through, for example, local consumption, ecological awareness, and resourcefulness.


As I write this blog, our freight makes its way over to Helsinki and includes the work of Yuri Suzuki, Harry Thaler and David Weatherhead. The original iteration of the exhibition also included work by; Aker Collective , Simon Donald, Grit Hartung & Bell Flora, Georgi Manassiev, Vahakn Matossian, Alon Meron, Florie Salnot and Studio Swine.

‘To Declare’

Katajanokanlaituri 5, 00160 Helsinki

14-18 September 2011

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