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Salt Marsh relocated in Venice

Salt Marsh relocated in Venice Salt Marsh at the Serra dei Giardini in Venice.

Salt Marsh at the Serra dei Giardini in Venice.

28 October 2011
by Ellie Smith

Villa Frankenstein at the British Pavilion (Venice Architecture Biennale 2010) was conceived by Artistic Directors muf architecture/art Llp as a stage for an exchange of ideas between Venice and the UK. The ‘Made in Venice’ theme was realised through a series of separate installations in the Pavilion including a 15 square metre ecologically functioning slice of salt marsh showing a close-up view of the native floral and fauna of the Venice Lagoon.

The installation was developed with Jane da Mosto, Lorenzo Bonometto and Andrea Bonometto, and was the focus of scientific debates and discussions about the Venice lagoon both during the Biennale and continues to be so. The lagoon has now found a new home in Venice at the Serra dei Giardini again in collaboration with the original team and last week saw the re-opening of the salt marsh.

Volume #2 of the British Pavilion catalogue explored the Venice lagoon and the issues surrounding it including step by steps instructions on how to build a salt marsh. Graphic design was by objectif and the publication is available to purchase from Cornerhouse.