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Launch of the ADF Papers

Launch of the ADF Papers ADF Folder and series 1 designed by objectif

ADF Folder and series 1 designed by objectif

28 July 2011
by Kendall Martin-Robbins

We are pleased to announce the launch of the ADF Papers exploring new directions in British architecture, design and fashion. We are commissioning experts in the sector to write on particular issues that are pertinent to current practice in the UK. Each paper includes an introduction, case studies, examples of recent projects and links for further information. The aim is to share our understanding of our sectors with our Arts Managers all over the world as well as design professionals abroad and in the UK.

The papers themselves are designed by objectif, and printed on Colorplan paper by GF Smith. Axel Feldman at objectif has developed a unique typography for each of the papers. As the papers are being printed as well as available as PDFs, Axel needed to approach the design in a way that would allow it to look interesting in both formats. By labelling each paper with the letter representing the discipline and the number representing the issue, Axel was able to come up with a simple and clear design that works as a pictogram as well as a front cover. Instead of featuring an image on the front page, he designed a typography based around an image included in the issue. It is effective for representing each paper as well as being visually appealing, and each issue will feature a new and unique letter that will match its content.

The first series of papers feature writing from experts Clare Melhuish, Liz Farrelly and Johanna Agerman Ross. Case studies include design collectives Peepshow, PLATS, Them Lot, LE GUN, and architects Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, Friend and Company Architects, Mobile Studio, Architecture Research Unit and Toh Shimazaki Architecture as well as young fashion design graduates from across the UK. The first series of papers are available in print from the team or as print on demand – see blogs on each paper to download:
A1 Paper: Thinking Architecture
D1 Paper: Design Collectives
F1 Paper: Graduating Talent

We are keen to have your feedback on the papers and also to commission further essays in response to your ideas, so please do let us know what you think!