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Carl Turner Architects new Home from Home

Carl Turner Architects new Home from Home Photo:Lauren McKirdy

Photo:Lauren McKirdy

4 April 2011
by Lauren McKirdy

Last week Carl Turner and some of his team moved into a warehouse on Curtain Road to begin the build of ‘Home from Home’ an Installation due to open at MUDE, Lisbon, later this month.

On a very sunny morning, I headed down to the temporary workshop space to have a peak at what had been going on over the weekend. Shane, the main fabricator, had been working all weekend with a rave going on in the above level of the warehouse. Despite the noisy interruptions, he had managed to ‘knock up’ two of the five pieces beautifully and for the first time I got a real feel for the scale of this installation and sense of how the pieces are going to work together.

This project has been delightful to work on, it has lots of charm and character, so as it finally all comes together I am getting excited about seeing it all finished and installed at its new home in MUDE from the 21st of this month.


Updates to come!


'Home from Home' was commissioned by British Council and The Architecture Foundation as part of the New Architects Exchange Programme.