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Ismini Samanidou Residency

Ismini Samanidou Residency © Ismini Samanidou

© Ismini Samanidou

1 February 2010
by Carla Sorrell

Woven textile designer and artist Ismini Samanidou undertook a two month residency at the College of Textile Engineering and Technology in Bangladesh where she gave valuable design workshops to students and hosted a series of seminars and working with local textile practitioners. During her residency Ismini also worked on her own creative practice using the College’s weaving materials, drawing on the skills and traditions in Dhaka to inspire her.

As part of this project Ismini and the British Council Bangladesh will identify one textile craftsperson (a weaver, natural dyer or any other practitioner determined appropriate) to return to the UK and undergo a similarly formatted residency with the Textile Department at Falmouth University.

You can follow Ismini's experiences in Bangladesh on her blog.

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