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Villa Frankenstein two-part publication

Villa Frankenstein Volume #1. Graphics by objectif

Villa Frankenstein Volume #1. Graphics by objectif

19 December 2010
by Ellie Smith

A two-part publication exploring the themes of Villa Frankenstein, the British Pavilion contribution to the 12th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice is now available through Cornerhouse. Commissioned by the British Council, Artistic Director muf architecture/art llp challenged all assumptions by opening up the British Pavilion to everyone from scientists to children in the city. Under the loose banner of ‘two-way traffic between Britain and Venice’, muf brought together a range of collaborators; rare notebooks by John Ruskin, previously unseen photographs of Venice by a resident amateur photographer, and an important scientific study of the Venetian lagoon.


Volume #1 – CLOSE LOOKING includes a collection of essays and images addressing the context of the British Pavilion exhibition in Venice.

Volume #2 – LA LAGUNA DI VENEZIA takes a closer look at the Venice lagoon and the issues surrounding it including step by steps instructions on how to build a salt marsh. Graphic design by objectif.

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