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UK/Korea 2017–18

UK/Korea 2017–18  © Linda Brothwell

© Linda Brothwell

UK/Korea 2017–18 Creative Futures is a UK season in Korea, which will enhance the cultural ties between artists and arts organisations from the two countries. Exhibitions, performances, residencies and other collaborative projects will celebrate and showcase the innovation and excellence in the arts and creative industries in the UK. By fostering new approaches and pushing boundaries through artistic collaborations from both countries, the UK/Korea season explores how success in creativity and innovation will forge the futures of the UK and Korea. 

Working with partners such as the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, the Crafts Council, the Cheongju International Biennale of Craft, the Royal College of Art and the Greater London Authority, the British Council's Architecture, Design and Fashion team are pleased to present four major projects as part of the UK/Korea Season, including three as part of the Season's Connected City programme.  


4 September 2017

London Made at Seoul Biennale

London Made at Seoul Biennale We Made That

We Made That