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Crafting Futures

Crafting Futures © Simon Mills

© Simon Mills

Following the success of the New for Old programme promoting links between UK-based designers and craft practitioners across South East Asia, the British Council launches Crafting Futures, a series of programmes fostering links between artisans and designers in the UK and internationally. 

The crafts sector is a source of cultural diversity and has an important role to play toward sustainable development. Through innovative and contemporary design practices, crafts practices can foster mutuality and creative collaborations. By supporting and developing the craft and design sectors, we aim to make them more sustainable and viable for designers, entrepreneurs and their communities.

Through a variety of international programmes, Crafting Futures will promote opportunities for training, collaborations and exchanges with artisans, designers and makers. The ambition is to build long-term links between the UK and craft and design industries in key locations, while helping to elevate the status of craft globally. 

To date we have worked closely with UK and international partners to deliver a programme of workshops and training sessions focused on developing business skills and supporting product development for international markets, alongside design exchanges, research residencies, workshops, collaborations, conferences and exhibitions.



21 August 2017

Meet Juan Pablo Viedma: Crafting Futures Mexico

Meet Juan Pablo Viedma: Crafting Futures Mexico © PACA


17 August 2017

Meet Billy Lloyd: Crafting Futures Mexico

Meet Billy Lloyd: Crafting Futures Mexico  © Billy Lloyd

© Billy Lloyd

31 July 2017

Crafting Futures Mexico

Crafting Futures Mexico © Oax-i-fornia

© Oax-i-fornia