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Aarhus Residency 2017

Aarhus Residency 2017 DOKK1- PR


The British Council, in partnership with the Creativity World Forum 2017 (CWF), is seeking applications from practitioners to participate in a residency programme in Aarhus, which will culminate with the CWF Conference (1 - 2 November 2017).

This is our first residency programme in Denmark, which will be part of the Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture programme. The residency is for UK-based practitioners, who work at the intersections of art, design and architecture, and who have an interest in critical investigations and interventions into what constitutes design innovation. 

This residency not only offers the opportunity for the practitioner to create new connections with local designers, curators, researchers and design experts, but it opens up dialogue on the role of design within Europe. This chimes with our Helsinki Design Residency and our collaboration with Disegno for Milan design week, hosting a series of talks considering the future of European design and the importance of collaboration as the UK leaves the EU: opening up fresh conversations and perspectives between the practitioners in UK and other European countries.

Residency Theme 

The conference theme is creative resilience. As we see it, creativity is crucial in developing a resilient world. That’s why the question, “How to use creativity to develop cities on the rise”, is so very important for all of us. For Creativity World Forum 2017, we have established three main challenges for creativity in context: people, enterprise and city. We invite applicants for the residency to address one or more of these challenges:

People: How to cultivate and nurture your creative spirit?

Enterprise: How to make room for skills and competencies?

City: How to ensure that city heritage becomes a city of opportunity?

The site-specific work created during the residency can address one or more of these challenges and can be as creative an answer or investigation as your practice and imagination allows!

10 April 2017

OPEN CALL: Aarhus Residency 2017

OPEN CALL: Aarhus Residency 2017  DOKK1 - PR