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IFS2017 Award Winners Announced

IFS2017 Award Winners Announced PHOTOGRAPH BEN BROOMFIELD for BFC


20 February 2017
by Kate Le Versha

Yesterday we announced the International Fashion Showcase Award winners at a ceremony in Somerset House, London where the exhibition is taking place during London Fashion Week, 17 - 21 February. 

Alongside the British Fashion Council (BFC) and Mercedez-Benz, we presented three awards; the Designer Award for the best individual designer, the Country Award for the best country exhibition and the Curation Award for the best installation.  

The winners were:

  • International Fashion Showcase Country Award: India
  • The International Fashion Showcase Curation Award: Wojciech Dziedzic and Agnieszka Jacobson–Cielecka of Poland

The International Fashion Showcase Designer Award

Sarah Mower MBE, BFC Ambassador for Emerging Talent and Chief Critic Vogue Runway, and Bettina Haussmann, Senior Manager Sponsoring and Product Placement Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars, presented The International Fashion Showcase Designer Award to Younchan Chung of the-sirius for his impressive design showcased in the Korean installation. 

Younchan Chung of the-sirius, said:

Thank you for the amazing prize. What news! I am so honoured to be a part of IFS 2017, and really appreciate the opportunity to spread the word of the-sirius thanks to the British Council, BFC and Mercedes-Benz. I am really happy to win this prize as I only started the-sirius in Seoul Fashion Week last year, but I have dreamed of being a part of the global fashion industry.”

For the first time, Mercedes-Benz presented the winning designer with the unique opportunity to showcase their collection at Milan Fashion Week, one of over 50 Mercedes-Benz global fashion platforms. 

Special mentions were given to Katerina Plamitzerova (Czech Republic) and Vanessa Schindler (Switzerland).

International Fashion Showcase Country Award

The International Fashion Showcase Country Award was given to India for its exhibition ‘The Indian Pastoralists’.

Jaspreet Chandok, curator and organiser of 'The Indian Pastoralists' and Head of Fashion at IMG Reliance, said:

"This award is a testament to young Indian design and to being accepted on a global stage. We feel this is just the start of a much larger movement towards young Indian fashion mattering and making its mark in a global context."

Special mentions were given to the Chile and Czech Republic exhibitions.

The International Fashion Showcase Curation Award 

The International Fashion Showcase Curation Award was presented by Alistair O’Neill, Senior Research Fellow at Central Saint Martins, to Wojciech Dziedzic and Agnieszka Jacobson–Cielecka of Poland. 

Wojciech Dziedzic and Agnieszka Jacobson–Cielecka said:

"This award is really for the students and their brilliant work; they were re-using and recycling materials that otherwise would have been thrown away, they gave them a second life so in the creation of the exhibition we also used old materials what otherwise would have been wasted to present something relevant for today.

Fashion is at a turning point, it's not just about nice clothes. This exhibition communicates a strong message in a very aesthetic way; that fashion has to go in a different direction. We have look at products as resources and re-use them, together wit the students we were able to make a statement for the future of fashion."

Special mentions were given to Julie HJ Lee of Korea and Roxanne Chen of Taiwan.

Congratulations were also given to Niamh Tuft of our team and Anna Orsini of BFC for organising the International Fashion Showcase, and Sarah Mower commented:

The incredible creative response from all the countries and designers who have taken part in International Fashion Showcase 2017 edition has taken this annual competition to the next level of importance. The theme of Local/Global has resonated in profound reflections on the environment, identity and the strands which bind people together through generations. Quite apart from the imagination and quality of design and the curation, the conversations exchanged between the exhibitors and visitors have been extraordinarily enlightening - human experiences which have actively promoted understanding, mutual respect and delight in creativity. It is impossible not to walk away from this exhibition without feeling that the hope, resourcefulness and intelligence of the world's young people is capable of pulling the world through the dark and divisive times which face us now.” 

To find out more about the International Fashion Showcase 2017, click here.




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